“Jay and his team are true leaders in the Culinary Services business. I have had the opportunity to work with Jay, Joe and Raechel multiple times on customer driven and internal projects. Everytime I have worked with Jay and his team
they have been excellent listeners striving to develop the information about the project into a useable menu concept
or product that could be taken forward. They are creative, strategic and excellent to work with. I throughly recommend Jay and his team!”

Chef Erich Chieca
Culinary Director Awrey Bakeries

“I have known Chef Nartowicz for over a decade and have worked with him in a professional capacity on industry boards as well as in product development projects. I have found him to be a very highly capable professional with broad and deep insights into food and food acceptance as it pertains to a wide range of venues from international chains to domestic manufacturing. He is very capable, very knowledgeable ad a very talented chef. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”

Gary Freeman
Ex VP - Sales & Marketing at MiDAS Foods International

  “Jay Nartowicz is a person who I have come to rely on for timely (both in the business sense and creative) solutions
to my culinary needs. Jay and I have been paired together at different points in our careers with one goal, to create craveable food that guests want to purchase. He and his company are proven winners in food, flavor and fun!
Chef Bob Davis”

Bob Davis
Corporate Executive Chef at Max & Erma's Restaurants, Inc.

“I have worked with Jay on three different occasions with three different restaurant concepts. He is a pleasure to work with. He is both strategic and creative and understands budgets and time lines. I highly recommend Jay's services.”

F. Warren Ellish
President and CEO at Ellish Marketing Group

  “Jay has extensive industry knowledge and experience. He does a thorough job with his research and is tremendous at coming up with new and relevant ideas/concepts. His greatest quality is caring about each project regardless of how large or small it is and giving it his all. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking to use his services.”

Ruben Duque
Director- Sales/National Accounts at Custom Culinary

“Jay's creative thinking, culinary expertise and desire to build strong business relationships were consistently of value
to our sales and marketing leaders. Jay and his team were a pleasure to work with over the years, and served as a
vital extension of our business.”

Joshua M. Isenberg
Group Manager, Appetizer Strategy & New Product Marketing at McCain Foods USA

  “Jay and his group have exceptional vision and creative expression. Over the years I worked with Jay I was overly impressed with his professionalism receiving input from a very discriminating group and answering our needs with his culinary expertise. Jay's a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend his services to anyone in the industry.”

Annamarie Balch
Director of Merchandising and Communications at Denny's
Director of Marketing at Shells Seafood
Marketing Manager at Rare Hospitality

“Jay is a strong product development leader. He has key strengths in innovation, project management, sourcing and meeting and exceeding margin requirements. Jay has led large teams that delivered extraordinary business results.
He is a strong visionary that can add extreme value to any team or program.”

Kelly Fattman
Principal at Fattman Productions

  “I have worked with Jay for many years on and off. In addition, I have recommended Jay to other associates of mine
who were looking for expert R&D on specific projects. Jay is extremely knowledgeable in the food area and has a broad range of experience from culinary development to sales and marketing at the QSR, supermarket and food service levels.”

Alan Mancini
President at 6 Degrees Sales Solutions

“Having known Jay for some time now and the work that his group produces I am proud to write this recommendation. Jay Nartowicz runs a group of professionals that will deliver the needs of what ever you are looking for in the culinary world. Trend setting menu items, cost savings initiatives which are paramount to today's operators, operations
execution of new items and much more. Jay's team will listen, respond and deliver net results that will have you
oming back to Jays team as a true business asset!”

Jason Gronlund
Executive Chef Senior Director Of Culinary at Carlas Pasta

  “I have known Jay for several years. He is the consummate professional in his field. He and his team are relentless in finding new product twists that support and promote the client brand. The best part is that all of Jay's team members know how to LISTEN to the client and respond with work product that enhances the client brand in a way that the
client has requested. I respect Jay and his team immensely and would recommend them as a great addition to any project team.”

Frank Leopoldo
Founder at LEOPOLDO | Brains on a Stick

“Jay has become a trusted good friend and an excellent resource in the culinary R&D industry. He has helped me out
on countless occasions sourcing different products and offering personal and professional help with shows and presentations. Jay is a great chef with an excellent palate. I respect his professionalism and would highly recommend
his work and services.”

Tony Benedict
Development Chef at Sargento Foods

  “I worked with Jay when he was in the U.K. and during that time jay demonstrated his in depth knowledge in culinary product development. At all times Jay showed his creativeness and passion for delivery great product quality. He was
a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.”

Jonathan Ellis
MD Europe at Planet Payment

“Jay and his team at NICC were introduced to us by a mutual business associate. The experience since then has been extremely beneficial to ICC Foods in implementing our long term strategy to expand into the Food Service segment of
the market. As a manufacturer of Specialty Foods, ICC has been working along side of Jay, who has provided us opportunities to develop unique flavor profiles for a significant number of new customers. We would otherwise not have been fortunate enough to have met most of these customers were it not for NICC. We truly look forward to a long and successful relationship with Jay and his organization, who have proven to be an extremely talented group of people committed to excellence in every aspect of their business. Thanks Jay, Jason, Raechel and Julie.”

Steve Adams
President ICC Foods

  “When we heard Jay Nartowicz was relocating back to the United States to expand his consulting organization, our company contacted NICC, LLC immediately to procure their services for our culinary needs. Since some of our team members had previously worked with Jay, we had some idea of the depth of his talents and had high expectations.
We have now worked with NICC for almost half a year and could not be more pleased with the caliber and results of
their work. Not only has a new menu been developed, tested and launched in all our restaurants, but NICC, LLC has developed our promotional platforms for the next twelve months as well. Our strategic product development plan was facilitated by their team very quickly. Because of their experience in sourcing and procurement, Jay and his team were able to bring us new flavor profiles in a shortened timeline. They evaluated our equipment resources and made sure our product development fit our concept effectively. The breadth of knowledge of NICC, LLC's team members opens new doors for us in menu and promotional development. Their experience in creating menu items for multi-unit concepts ensures that all our restaurants are readily able to replicate the recipes to specification. NICC, LLC has completed a
good year's worth of work for us in less than six months. We continue to work with them on an ongoing basis. Their talents, professionalism and ability to regularly meet timeliness on multiple deliverables makes them an invaluable
partner in our organization's success. We highly recommend them to any company (whether start-up or a large chain)
for all their culinary needs.”

Leslie Christon
President and CEO Shells Seafood Restaurants, Inc.

“When I heard that Jay Nartowicz had previously been the first Corporate Executive Chef to handle national accounts
for Griffith Laboratories, I knew instantly I had found the right culinary product development company to support our diverse business needs. Nartowicz International Culinary Consulting, LLC knows how to deliver results based upon consumer needs and expectations. Have been on the other side as customers, Jay and his team know how to be
closely linked to the expectations of his clients. Jay's experiences in leadership, innovation and product development
for Whitbread PLC, Red Lobster, Allied Domecq and Boston Market have helped him to better understand how to deliver on a client's request. Whether you are looking for product development, support, ideation, protocept development concept support or photo shoots, there is only one team to turn to for your total product development solutions -- Nartowicz International Culinary Consulting, LLC!”

Ron Jolicoeur
Corporate Executive Chef Griffith Laboratories, Inc.

  “Sartori Foods has been working in partnership with Jay and his team for the past 18 months. During this time, Jay has taught us to think like a chef and to better understand how we should position our products to reach the culinary audience. NICC, LLC is extremely well networked in the foodservice industry and is constantly introducing us to new contacts and opportunities. Jay is very responsive to our needs. I would highly recommend NICC, LLC to other
companies in need of culinary expertise and guidance.”

Bruce Waddell
VP Sales & Marketing

“We began working with Jay Nartowicz of NICC, LLC with the goal of improving food quality, increasing margins,
reducing food cost and improving sales. He began by a strategic review of R.J. Gators, providing menu category
concepts that fit our brand, operating and cost structures. He produced immediate results by methodically re-plating
and re-portioning the majority of our current menu, which reduced our food cost while enhancing the visual appeal of
the items. Additional impact on sales and food cost came with the creation of new menu items which Jay accomplished by using products we had on hand. Jay’s extensive experience in kitchens and the corporate world allows him to understand the importance of food costs and margins, as well as taste and visual appeal. He has a combination of outstanding food knowledge, kitchen experience and people skills that make working with him very enjoyable. I would highly recommend Jay for any menu development project.”

Jim Samuel
Director of Marketing & Vice President R.J. Gators, Inc.

  “Exceeding customer expectations is something Maple Leaf Bakery strives for everyday. It is not often that an organization can find someone like Jay Nartowicz who excels at doing just that. Rarely have I had the opportunity to work with an organization of NICC, LLC's caliber. Jay and his team are exceptionally talented, which is a direct result
of their dedication to exceeding customer expectations. Jay's experience, having worked throughout the world, offers a distinct advantage to our customer base. Jay is clearly ahead of many of the major trends influencing the market today. As a result we are able to bring our customers the type of innovation they require to stay ahead of their competitors. The addition of NICC, LLC to our team has far exceeded our expectations on all levels --professionalism, market
knowledge and culinary skills to name a few. I am extremely confident Jay's team will make a significant contribution
to any organization.”

Rod Hepponstall
Vice President Foodservice Sales & Marketing N.A Maple Leaf Bakery

“Nartowicz International Culinary Consulting, LLC is fast becoming an important part of our front-end service and
customer support effort. At DM Foods we have utilized the NICC, LLC group to help us with various innovation efforts directed toward important new menu and product development platforms for both existing and new chain restaurant clients. There has been a genuine "WOW" factor delivered in the ideas and presentations to our important customers.
Jay Nartowicz and his team have truly partnered with DM Foods' professional services team to form a winning
combination for our customers. Specifically, we have worked closely to develop various ethnic, regional and protein specific menu applications, primarily in application of flavoring systems and sauces that have been shown in high level presentations to customers yielding dozens of tests and authorizations, driving important new sales for our customers while providing important volume and new revenue for DM Foods. Jay and his team take a very studious, strategic yet creative and innovative approach to the process wherein a critical understanding of the specific customer's marketing direction, operational needs and specific desires are incorporated thereby allowing us to hit the mark for these customers. I think the best adjectives to describe NICC, LLC's value is "fresh" and "on target." The ideas, strategies
and platforms are "on target" while creative and "fresh" in addition to being signature to the individual client. I would highly encourage any restaurant chain and manufacturer to learn more about NICC, LLC and how they can apply these truly unique services and approach to enhance their own business. As for DM Foods, we will continue to partner with NICC, LLC to create more value and innovation for our customers. I think NICC, LLC is simply the best at what they do!”

Dorsey Fields
President & CEO DM Foods

  “We have been working with Jay Nartowicz and his company, NICC, LLC, for over two years now in the USA and
Canada. We have really been impressed and inspired with their culture, passion, drive and most importantly, their
culinary expertise. Jay's biggest strength is the reach he has into all sectors of the foodservice industry. Jay and his team have provided support in recipe development and application as well as exposure to companies we would normally not have had the opportunity to work with. NICC, LLC is considered one of our closest partners and is viewed as a valuable and necessary resource with us. We have recommended them to several other companies and will continue to do so. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Jay and his team.”

Doug Bronsky
President Ultra Thin Ready To Bake Pizza Shells NY, LLC

  “It was a pleasure having Jay's input on our business. He knows the UK food market and can target development to
what the consumer really wants. He helped us to create leading edge dishes that sell well and make a statement.
He even helped procure products as needed. Most of all, he gets dead excited about food and his enthusiasm
is contagious!”

Laurie Morgan
Marketing Director Noble House Leisure, PLC, United Kingdom

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