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Resident Pastry Chef

Anabel Cabrera began working with NICCLLC as our Resident Pastry Chef in 2018. She has been instrumental in providing our clients with creative and unique dessert and pastry offerings.

Anabel graduated from the French Pastry School with the City College of Chicago, having a certificate of L’Art de la Patisserie, Pastry, and Baking Program. After graduation, she worked for Firecakes, a high-end donut shop in Chicago where she was responsible for daily production of donuts, as well as custards, jellies, and toppings. She then moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she was a pastry cook with the Ritz Carlton. It was there that she continued to develop her skills at the art of pastry. When she moved to Orlando, she continued as a Pastry Cook in Banquets for the Ritz Carlton of Orlando.

In 2018, she created Patisserie French, which provides unique macaron and cakes for her clients, while her page is a fan-favorite on Instagram. She also began working with NICCLLC as the company’s Resident Pastry Chef.

Anabel resides in Windermere, Florida with her husband, Alex, and their 2 daughters, Valentina and Arianna. She enjoys the beach, traveling, and working out.



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