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Recognized as an industry frontrunner in both strategic and innovative culinary development, Nartowicz International Culinary Consulting, LLC (NICCLLC) has been built on the core values of being creatively-driven and strategically-balanced. Our company’s expertise of global cuisines has allowed us to serve clients in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and multiple South American countries. NICCLLC’s culture of flexibility, accessibility, and innovation has provided for the successful completion of over 5,000 projects.

Jay Nartowicz founded Nartowicz International Culinary Consulting, LLC in 2002 in Orlando, Florida. Jay has held senior research and development and culinary management positions with some of the largest foodservice companies in the USA and the United Kingdom, while also having experience as a senior executive at a global food manufacturing corporation. Due to his diverse and extensive background within the restaurant industry, Jay recognized a need for restaurants and foodservice providers to utilize external consulting services in several key areas. 17 years later, NICCLLC continues to offer support and share our expertise that we have gained from our staff’s combined 95 years of experience within the culinary world. Since NICCLLC’s inception, our company has continued to experience consecutive annual growth in both sales and number of clients.

One of our core competencies at NICCLLC is creating popular and admired restaurant menu items and foodservice products for our customers. Seeing our creations launched by our clients has always been what drives us; therefore, we aren’t successful until our clients are successful! Our passion to the culinary world and commitment to family have been a major factor in our company’s success. We have 3 generations of Johnson & Wales University graduates in the family who have all been involved in the business in some capacity, while having other family members all across the foodservice industry. Because of this, we have a great understanding of culinary operations, supply chain logistics, food manufacturing, and commercialization of foodservice items. Here at NICCLLC, we are constantly learning, exploring, testing, and traveling in order to grow our culinary expertise to meet our client’s needs.

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